iPhone Podcasting: The Best Equipment

Whether you’re a backpacker traveling the world, or you just want the option to record your podcast remotely, the iPhone Podcasting Kit will be perfect for you. In this article, I am going to give you the exact products to buy so you waste no time and can start recording your podcast on your iPhone.  But firstly, we want to explain to you why we chose each of these products, and to do that we need to address some fundamentals… Read More »iPhone Podcasting: The Best Equipment

iPhone Connected to AT2020usb+

The Amazing AT2020usb+ will work with your iPhone

As I unpacked the AT2020usb+ and the (separately purchased) Lightning to USB Adapter from their boxes and connected them to my iPhone I was hoping they would work…did they? The answer is YES! Within minutes of me buying the AT2020usb+ I had it up and running on my iPhone 11.  You might be asking, does it work with other iPhone’s? The answer is mostly YES, but I’ll share the results of my investigation below of which iPhone’s work with the… Read More »The Amazing AT2020usb+ will work with your iPhone