Our Podcasting Services

Podgee produces professional podcasts for businesses who are passionate about what they do (…that’s a lot of P’s!). 

It’s not just about putting audio in peoples ears, it’s about building a brand and a community of raving fans.

With 10+ years of experience in audio design, we make every podcast stand to its full potential with professional editing, mixing and mastering. 

⭐ New Service ⭐

Pitching for Interviews

We pitch your podcast to leaders in your industry and connect you with them for an interview.

Industry leaders attract their fan to your podcast and you build a relationship with the best of the best. 


Remove mistakes and um's & ah's, clean up the audio, add music and sound effects... if that's what you're into.

A well edited podcast removes what's distracting, adds what interesting and keeps your audience constantly engaged.

Mixing and Mastering

EQ, Compress, Effect and balance the audio tracks. Export the podcast to the correct loudness (LUFS), format and bit rate.

Balancing a podcast means the listener isn't fighting the volume control to because you're too loud or quiet.

Upload and Publish

Upload, Input Information & Tags and Publish your podcast to Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcasts and many more.

Publishing with the right data added to your podcast, it will be easily searched by listeners on all platforms.

Cover Art

With our in-house (amazing!) designer, design an attractive 3000 x 3000 cover art for your podcast.

The cover art is the first thing people see, an eye-catching thumbnail will draw people to click and listen.

Transcript & Show Notes

A detailed transcript of your podcast with titles and names of people. The show notes are formatted to break down what's in the podcast and help the listener find what you're talking about.

A we'll used transcript and show notes will help with SEO for your podcast and website, and very useful for content marketing for other platforms you use.

Podcast Website

We can customise a simple website for your podcast to live in and be linked to.

If you want to be on Google Podcasts, you need to have your podcast on a website so google can find it.

Ready to Start?

" Working with Podgee has been a fabulous investment for my business and my podcast. They have provided timely and professional editing and go the extra mile to make sure the sound quality is fantastic and the transcript is accurate. Using Podgee has saved me time and effort that I can now put into other areas of my business to help it grow. I highly recommend their podcasting services to anyone considering making a podcast, it will improve your business. "

Build your audience with podcasting