iPhone Podcasting: The Best Equipment

Whether you’re a backpacker traveling the world, or you just want the option to record your podcast remotely, the iPhone Podcasting Kit will be perfect for you.

In this article, I am going to give you the exact products to buy so you waste no time and can start recording your podcast on your iPhone. 

But firstly, we want to explain to you why we chose each of these products, and to do that we need to address some fundamentals of microphone recording.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep it short and simple 😁


The Fundamentals of Microphone Recording

Our main aim when it comes to recording quality, is to keep the audio clean.

Between the Microphone, it’s Shock Mount and whether you have a Pop Shield will determine if you have clean audio quality or not from your microphone.

Even with an expensive $1000 microphone, if you don’t keep to the fundamentals, it will not sound professional and only aggravate the listeners of your podcast.

Here are the fundamentals we are working with:

      1. Quality Equipment (affordable…don’t worry, I’ve got you 😉)
      2. Saying “NO” to  Plosions
      3. Isolating the Microphone

Quality Equipment

Due to how the mechanics of a microphone works, microphones are sensitive pieces of equipment.

If manufacturers use low quality parts to make a cheap microphone, these cheap parts will introduce noise (also can be known as static) into your audio recording.

If the noise is bad enough, your listeners will hear it and immediately think twice if you’re a pro or not.

The AT2020usb+ Microphone has very clean audio, this is why we have put it in our iPhone Podcasting Kit.


Saying “NO” to Plosions

Firstly, what is a Plosion?

the sudden release of air in the pronunciation of a plosive consonant.

Or, the sounds that are generally associated with the letters p, t, k, b, d, g.

When these letters are spoken, it creates forceful release of air. 

Try this out. Put your hand in front of your mouth and say “pickle rick”, notice that when you say “pickle” you can feel it on your hand, but when you say “rick” you don’t.

These plosions, when recorded by a microphone will almost always lead to distortion, UNLESS, you have a Pop Shield which disperses the air before it can reach the microphone.

So, we have added a Pop Shield to the iPhone Podcasting Kit because we say “NO” to plosions. 👍


Isolating the Microphone

Microphone are designed to pick up vibrations that are in the air – sound-waves, that’s how the microphone hears your voice.

Vibrations. This is the word to focus on.

If your microphone is being held by your hand there is a high possibility that the microphone will pick up those vibrations, which will be heard in your podcast recording.

To keep away from unwanted vibrations we need to isolate the microphone.

That’s why we need a Shock Mount to hold the microphone for you. 

The Shock Mount keeps any ‘shocks’ or vibrations from making it to the microphone, this is why it’s a must have for your iPhone Podcasting Kit.

That’s the fundamentals and the reasons why I have intentionally put these products together for your own iPhone Podcasting Kit.

Let’s check out the Kit! 🙌

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The iPhone Podcasting Kit

In this kit you will have everything you need to start your podcast on your iPhone.
If you want to make sure your iPhone is compatible with this Kit then check this post

I have found combo deals to make sure to keep price down.

Microphone, Boom & Headphone Combo

  • Condenser Microphone with USB Output
  • Boom Stand for your Desk
  • ATH M20x Headphones


  • Connect AT2020usb+ to iPhone Seamlessly
  • Ability to be Externally Powered

& Pop Combo

  • Both work with AT2020usb+
  • Metal & Foam layers for Pop Shield
  • Easy to use Shock Mount

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I hope this post helped you find the right equipment for your iPhone Podcasting setup, please don’t hesitate to reach out on our Facebook Group  or Discord

Once you get your gear, check out the post below so you know how to set everything up.

iPhone Connected to AT2020usb+

How to Connect the AT2020usb+ to your iPhone?

In this post I go through what iPhone’s are compatible with the AT2020usb+
and how to set it up.


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