How to Record a Podcast with Discord, and it’s Free



Setup Discord
Setup Craig [Recording bot for Discord]
Discord Settings for High-quality Recording

“Why record a podcast with Discord, what’s wrong with Skype?”


  • Better quality audio @ 96kbps bitrate.
  • Multi-track recording for each voice.
  • Uploads straight to Google Drive.
  • It can be used on any computer or mobile with a modern browser like Chrome, or just install the app.
  • Guest speakers don’t need to install anything or sign-up for an account.

Discord is simple. It will take a little bit of learning and a few minutes to set-up, but once you’re done, you will have the best podcast recording experience for you and your guests. Don’t forget, it’s free!

How to Record a Podcast with Discord

How to Record a Podcast with Discord

This guide is based on using a browser, but don’t forget that Discord has apps for Pc, Mac, iOS and Android which you should use over a browser once you have already set everything up.

Setup Discord

  1. Sign up to Discord here. Enter a username you want to be seen as. I used Sir Podgee.
  2. Get Started. Discord will prompt you with a welcome pop-up and a button ‘Get Started‘ to set-up your first server. So exciting!
  3. Create your server:
    • Name. I would suggest you put your brand, business or podcast name since this is what people can use to find it. Keep it broad because you can get more specific with the channel names in your server to segment your community.
    • Region. Start with a region close to you, but this can be changed at any time.
    • Icon. Use your podcast thumbnail if you like, or your brand logo.
  4. Claim your account. Set up your email and password for your account, then activate it by clicking the link in the email they sent you.
  5. Join our Server. Cheeky step, but if you join our server and shout out “Siiir Podgeeee!”, I will happily jump on your server and help you out.

Beep beep. Boop Boop!

You have successfully set-up a Discord account that automatically has 2 channels set-up for you. These channels are all you need to record a guest on your podcast. If you want to cultivate a community of 100’s or 1000’s of people, then there is a lot more you can do with a little (or a lot of) learning.

In the next step we will make it possible to record a podcast with Discord.


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    Setup Craig

    Discord does not have its own recording feature.

    It does however, have a really cool feature called ‘Bots’. This is where I introduce you to Craig, he’s a bot made by the legend @Yahweasel, and when you invite Craig to your server and channel, he will walk in with his recorder, press record and be a good quiet little bot. Once you tell him to leave, he will automatically send each track to your Google Drive ready to be downloaded, or shared to a podcast editor.

    Lets set-up Craig and record:

    1. Invite Craig to your server. Go to his home page and click the button ‘Invite Craig to your Discord Server’. Or here’s a direct invite for you speed demons.
    2. Authorize access to Craig. Craig needs permission to connect to your voice channels so he can record it. He also needs to read your text channels because he won’t start recording until you send him a message asking him to join your voice chat. Once you’ve clicked Authorise, Craig will become a member of your server.
    3. Connect Craig to Google Drive. On this page you will be able to join Craig to your Google Drive
      • Click ‘Log in to Discord‘. Authorize Craig again.
      • Then click ‘Log into Google Drive‘. Choose your google account you want to upload to, then click ‘allow’.
    4. Record on Discord with Craig. Finally! In Discord jump into your server to test this setup out.
      • Under ‘Voice Channels‘ on the left-hand side of Discord, there will be a channel called ‘General‘. Click on it to join the channel, you should see you join that channel. Follow any prompts guiding you to set up your microphone in Discord. More details below for the best setting for Discord.
      • You may have noticed you are automatically in a text channel too called ‘General’ which is good. At the bottom, you can see a message box, paste :craig:, join and hit enter/send. Craig will join the voice channel you are in and he will be recording everyone in that channel. Then paste and send :craig:, leave and he will leave. Craig has more commands and features for advanced users!
    5. Pick up your files from Google Drive. Congratulations you have successfully recorded on Discord! Go to the Google Drive you logged in with and you will find a folder called ‘Craig’ with a zip file of the tracks Craig recorded.

    Now that you’re set with Discord and Craig, all you need to do is invite a guest to your server.

    On the left of Discord will be your servers icon, right-click it and select ‘Invite people’. You’ll get a pop-up with a link. You can set the link to ‘grant temporary memberships‘, just click the cog on the bottom right of the pop-up. This is the best way to invite a guest to Discord because they don’t have to sign up with Discord to chat with you. All they have to do is click the link on their phone or computer, put in a temporary name and they will have access to join your voice channel.

    Now you can record a podcast with Discord 👍, but there a some settings worth going through to get the best results.

    Discord Settings for High-quality Recording

    Big ups to @DaveHamilton who wrote a great piece I read on replacing Skype with Discord which helped me understand exactly what each setting does. Check it out!

    Voice Channel Settings

    1. Hover over the General channel under Voice Channels and click the ⚙️ on the right to open up its settings.
    2. Find the slider under BITRATE, slide it all the way to the right to 96kbps for best sound quality.

    You can change the name of that channel if you want, something like “Guest Interviews” would work. Now click ESC on the top right because you’re done.

    Microphone Settings

    This is one of the many powers of Discord that you won’t get in other software.

    1. On the bottom left of Discord, click the ⚙️ near your name to open up User Settings.
    2. Under the ‘APP SETTINGS’ title, click Voice & Video.
    3. Starting from the top, make sure the INPUT DEVICE is your microphone 🎙️ and the OUTPUT DEVICE is your headphones 🎧. ‘Default’ would be your best bet.
    4. Skip the sliders for this second and click the ‘Let’s Check’ button and speak into your microphone, you should see the bars light up. If the bars are lighting up green then that’s good 👍. If it’s either yellow or red you need to change the INPUT VOLUME slider above. Move it until the bars light up more green than any other colour.
    5. Make sure INPUT MODE is set to Voice Activity.
    6. In INPUT SENSITIVITY, turn the toggle OFF. Now to set the slider, you have 2 options (I’ll try to keep it simple):
      1. Slide it totally left. This will let all your microphone audio pass through and be heard by Craig and/or your Guest/s. Use this option if you don’t understand the second option.
      2. When looking at the slider you should see a bar moving with the noise that’s coming through the microphone. If you were to sit still and say nothing, the moving bar will sit around the left of the slider. Drag the dial so it’s sitting just right of the bar when everything is quiet. When the bar is in the yellow your microphone will mute, but when you speak, it should be in the green and allow your voice to be heard. Set right and it will give you a clearer track when your guest is speaking.
    7. Go down to ADVANCED and then to VOICE PROCESSING. Rule of thumb is to have these options turned off, but if you’re having any echo problems or noise (hiss/buzz) issues, then Echo Cancelation and Noise Suppression could help, so test them out but they can introduce artifacts.

    And we are done! 🙌

    Record a podcast with Discord and keep powering forward in your podcasting journey 🗣️🎙️

    Any thanks, correction or feedback is greatly appreciated 😄


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