The Amazing AT2020usb+ will work with your iPhone

As I unpacked the AT2020usb+ and the (separately purchased) Lightning to USB Adapter from their boxes and connected them to my iPhone I was hoping they would work…did they?

The answer is YES! Within minutes of me buying the AT2020usb+ I had it up and running on my iPhone 11. 

You might be asking, does it work with other iPhone’s? The answer is mostly YES, but I’ll share the results of my investigation below of which iPhone’s work with the AT2020usb+ microphone.

As for the iPhone 11, it worked with everything requiring a microphone:

Everything just simply worked.

iPhone Connected to AT2020usb+

How to Connect an AT2020usb+ to your iPhone

What you need:

  1. An iPhone
  2. AudioTechnica AT2020usb+ Microphone and the cable that comes with it.
  3. Lightning to USB Adapter. This adapter has the ability to power your whole setup. It’s helpful for 2 reasons.
    1. It powers and charges your iPhone, so you don’t have problems if your iPhone runs out of charge while recording.
    2. It provides power to the microphone. Some iPhones don’t have enough juice to power the AT2020 by itself. This is a solution to that as it will power the microphone too.

Once you have all the parts and the microphone is on it’s stand, connect the USB cable to the AT2020, then on the other side of the USB cable connect it to the female port of the adapter.

Now, connect the adapter to the iPhone. Make sure to unlock your iPhone because it wont power the microphone until you do. Then you should see on the AT2020 a solid blue light turn ON and stay ON.

Note: If the blue light isn’t turning ON or is constantly flashing, then you will need to connect your iPhone charger to the adapter to assist powering up the AT2020 microphone. All fixed!

Now that the AT2020 is powered up and connected to your iPhone you can go to any app that uses a microphone and it will default to using the AT2020 that you have connected.

You should now have a beautiful clear vocal track being recorded straight into your iPhone. Nice work!

If you need help with this article or anything else related to audio or podcasting then join our Facebook Group or Discord and ask your questions there!

Which iPhone’s Work with the AT2020usb+ Microphone

In my tests, I checked if the iPhone would work at all with the AT2020, and if it did, would it work independently without being connected to an external power source.

Remember, that my tests used this Lightning to USB Adapter which gives the ability to use external power if needed.

iPhone VersionWorks with AT2020usb+Works without External Power to AdapterWorks with External Power to Adapter
iPhone 7YesNoYes
iPhone 7 PlusYesYesYes
iPhone 8 PlusYesYesYes
iPhone XRYesYesYes
iPhone 11YesYesYes
iPhone 11 ProYesYesYes
iPhone SEYesYesYes

While testing I couldn’t get access to every iPhone version, but I can conclude with confidence that every iPhone with a lightning jack (iPhone 5 onward) will work with the AT2020usb+ Microphone and Lightning to USB Adapter. I’d also assume that every iPhone from iPhone 7 down to iPhone 5 will need external power connected to the adapter.

Now you are ready to record on your iPhone. You’ve done it!

You could record tracks in Garageband or start a podcast from your iPhone with amazing vocal quality, and the ability to record it from anywhere. If you are planning on recording remotely and you’d like to learn to record with guests, then check out our How to Record a Podcast with Discord, and it’s FREE blog post. It’s written with computers in mind but it’ll work for iPhone’s too.


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